“When Ruth met my patient J, he had run out of treatment options. Ruth arranged for him to obtain a second opinion from a premier institution. When I saw Ruth in action, I immediately admired her skill and compassion.
During J’s last days, Ruth worked with the healthcare team to ensure that J’s care was consistent with his wishes in the absence of an advance directive. She visited the hospital every evening for hours at a stretch, providing J with support and monitoring his care. Ruth lives her belief that every patient deserves to receive the best possible care. Her dedication to J’s comfort and peace of mind exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Ruth again.”

RM, Certified Physician Assistant—Hematology/Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital

“Ruth and I have been working together for nearly two years. I met her through the Magic of the Universe, and she literally saved my life! Ruth is a compassionate, intuitive and brilliant woman. She has orchestrated a whole new lifestyle for me during an exceedingly difficult time in my life and health; and, though I am getting better, she continues to be available and completely present whenever I need her assistance! In very positive ways, she’ll change your life as she has changed mine.”

NG, San Francisco

“As Kaiser was of a mind to send me home the day after surgery, getting me into the Jewish Home of San Francisco after my second hip replacement was a coup on Ruth’s part. It was a comfort and relief to me and my family that Ruth found me an excellent facility where I could begin the long road back to taking care of myself. There is a lot to be aware of once you have decided to have an operation. It was a great help and peace of mind to have an advocate to look after my best interests.”

RB, San Francisco

“Ruth Linden is a caring, compassionate woman who helped our family with a difficult HMO when our 88-year-old mother broke her ankle. After more than a week in skilled nursing, Mother had not seen a doctor, no x-rays had been taken, and her ankle hadn’t been casted. Yet the HMO was threatening to cut off medical services. Ruth’s presence and participation got the attention of the HMO powers that be, which led to the proper action finally being taken. All of this at a moment’s notice!

I highly recommend Ruth. Her follow up and follow through have been beyond services sought. Her compassion and concern for my mother and our family have been both exceptional and comforting. Ruth has become a friend to the family. I would not hesitate to hire her in the future.”

SL, Wylie, TX & San Leandro, CA

“I know that anyone I refer to Ruth will be in the most capable and caring hands. She is simply the best. Besides her vast work as an academic, advocate and pioneer in pushing forward a number of significant health-related initiatives, Ruth is also a scholar and researcher. I trust her in every respect.”

VJO, San Francisco, CA

“I felt overwhelmed by all of the family insurance plan choices and the subtle differences between plans. Ruth’s extensive knowledge of each plan and willingness to thoroughly evaluate all of the possibilities made me feel confident that I was making the right decision.”

HU, Los Angeles

“I was fortunate to work with Ruth on a complex medical billing case. Her ability to organize, prioritize and simplify a challenging set of problems was impressive, and her follow through went beyond all expectations. I’d gladly work with her again if given the opportunity.”

Linda Adler, Founder & CEO, Pathfinders Medical, Palo Alto, CA

“Ruth possesses the intelligence, determination, ability, speed and efficiency to find the top doctors with experience in rare diseases. I contacted her in search of a doctor to treat acute deafness after a family member lost hearing due to meningitis. Within a day, Ruth provided me with recommendations for knowledgeable doctors in close proximity to my relative. I highly recommend Ruth for her thoroughness, speed and ability to connect with the right professionals.”

MT, Attorney, Pebble Beach, CA

“I needed urgent help navigating a complex medical situation involving a large hospital system near San Francisco. Ruth’s expertise, assertive demeanor, and compassion were invaluable. Her words and action assured me that she would assist me and not give up until I had achieved a resolution. I went from feeling isolated and powerless to supported and empowered. My only regret is not engaging Ruth’s services earlier. We continue to work together long distance.”

LJG, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Chicago, IL

“My 85-year-old trustor, Mary, was scheduled for a radical mastectomy. Ruth advised that we obtain a second opinion, cautioning us that this procedure was, in most circumstances, not the standard of care. She arranged for Mary to see one of San Francisco’s most highly recommended breast surgeons. After the full case was discussed, all agreed on breast-sparing surgery, which was successful. Ruth remained Mary’s health advocate for several years, and was at her bedside during Mary’s final days in hospice. When I hear about a woman with a breast cancer diagnosis, I unfailingly think of Ruth’s skill.”

KSR, San Francisco

“A widowed, elderly client in the early stages of Alzheimer’s was living at home with around-the-clock care. When her family and day nurse reported that she suddenly seemed to be in a catatonic, drugged state, Ruth called the pharmacy and had them pull her prescription records. She spotted two instances of duplicate prescribing between my client’s internist and specialists. Ruth was also able to decipher hospital and medical bills, spot errors and clear up the mistakes with billing offices, saving my client $15,000.”

SG, Certified Public Accountant, Los Angeles

“Ruth is the staunchest defender of patients’ rights and individuals’ self-determination I have ever met, especially the rights of those with life-threatening illnesses. She brings a calm, reassuring manner to high-level discussions with the medical team and makes them easy to understand for patients and families.

“When I recently drafted my advance care directive, I asked Ruth to serve as a consultant to my sister, who is my power of attorney for healthcare. I feel well protected knowing that my family can call on Ruth’s expert knowledge of ethical issues and palliative care if thorny questions emerge. My sister, who lives in another part of the state, is grateful to know that Ruth will be available to assist her in decision making.”

FM, Social Worker, San Francisco

“After my accident, Ruth arrived on scene at the same time as the police. She asked me what I was allergic to and got the EMTs to lift a restraint that had slipped and was causing me pain. Throughout the ride to the hospital she reassured me that she would remain by my side. Once at County General, she helped fill out paperwork I was in no condition to complete. She asked the doctors, nurses and techs lots of questions, most of which I would never have thought to ask. She stayed with me in the ER for more than six hours, soothing me with her kind voice.

“When I was ready to go home, Ruth accompanied me to my apartment and saw that I was settled in. She fed my cat and even helped me order in some soft food that I was able to chew. Now she is attending follow-up doctor appointments with me and helping organize my medical bills for reimbursement. I recommend Ruth to anyone seeking assistance in dealing with any aspect of the healthcare system.”

EM, San Francisco

“My sister and I retained Ruth’s services for our ailing mother even though our mother lived in Southern California. We wanted the best for Mom, and were tired of the revolving door of social workers and case managers. We were looking for consistency of care, someone with real knowledge, and a fierce advocate. We found all of that and a compassionate heart in Ruth.”

SB, San Francisco

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